North Light

A table light for finding North. Launching in September.


Navigation has changed from an art of meticulously observing our surroundings and measuring distances between visible objects with beautiful and ingenious tools to something a bit less exciting. We have become a blue dot on a map. Our North Light is a nod to our navigational past, brought back into your everyday environment. It is a table light that can be turned around its axis and turns on when it finds the North Star. 

North Light is influenced by the historical significance of the North Star as a navigational reference. It comes in two different versions: a table light and a night light. Their forms are inspired by navigational compasses and radio telescopes.

North Light is made from anodised aluminium and borosilicate glass. All of the internal pieces are made from a plant-based plastic and 3D printed in our studio. We work with a handful of amazing local manufacturers to ensure that all parts are made to our high standards. All lights are assembled and tested in our studio in South London and shipped directly to you. 


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