North Light

A Table Light for Finding North

Shipping from November

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Navigation has changed from an art of meticulously observing our surroundings, measuring distances between visible objects with beautiful and ingenious tools, to something a little less exciting. North Light is a nod to our navigational past, brought back into your everyday environment. It is a table light that can be turned around its axis and turns on when it faces the North Star. With its companion app, the light can be set to a custom direction such as a family home or a faraway destination.

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North Light is influenced by the historical significance of the North Star as a navigational reference. It comes in two different versions: a table light and a night light. Their forms are inspired by radio telescopes and navigational compasses.

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Table Light

A table light with a stationary base and a beautiful handmade glass bulb.

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Night Light

A compact light with an atmospheric, upwards-facing light source.

We enabled the light to be open for play and developed a companion app, available for iOS and Android. The light can communicate with its app to change the North Light's bearing. It can be set to true north, magnetic north, or a custom bearing such as a family home or a faraway destination. 

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All parts are manufactured from long-lasting and recyclable materials, cutting down on CO2 emissions by choosing local manufactures where possible. The lights are assembled and distributed from our studio in South London.

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We are open for pre-orders! During this stage, we are offering the North Light at a special pre-order price. Products will be shipping in November, in time for the holidays.


Unit Lab is a design brand based in London. We are inspired by science and the natural world and make playful products that tickle your imagination. North Light was developed through many tests and alterations over the course of the last 6 months. We have worked with a handful of amazing local manufacturers to ensure that all parts are made to our high standards in sustainably small batches. Get in touch if you have any questions.